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Trimming your E-mail Printout

If you use Internet Explorer, or some other browser, to read your E-mail ( Webmail ), printing your message leads to a printout of all the graphics on the screen. Not only does this lead to lots of printing, it may lead to your message being cutoff on the right. To avoid these difficulties, you can choose to print only selected elements of the page. To do this, follow this prescription:

  1. Move the cursor to the upper left of the information to be selected.
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button.
  3. Move the mouse down the page until all the desired information is highlighted.
  4. Release the left mouse button.
  5. Pull down the File menu item and select Print.
  6. In the Printer Panel, click "Selection" and "Print"

Too Many Fonts

As applications are added to a computer, it is possible for the number of installed fonts to become very large. Each of these must be loaded when the machine boots, leading to slow reboots. In addition, each consumes precious resources. To reduce the number of fonts, use Windows Explorer (right click on 'Start' and left click on Explore) to open C:\Windows. Create a new folder (click on the File menu item, pull down to 'New' and click on Folder) and rename it to 'Fonts-Old'. Now click on the Fonts folder. For each installed font, you can double click on the name to see the font. If you no longer want it, drag it from Fonts and drop it into Fonts-Old. After you have reduced the number of entities in Fonts to 400, or fewer, you should test your applications. If any complain about a missing font, drag that one back into Fonts. If a font has not been needed after a few months, you can delete the entire Fonts-Old folder, but don't do this unless your free disk space is extremely limited. Thanks to Smart Computing magazine for some of these ideas.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Do you have a need to move some text from one place in a document to another, or from one document to another? One possibility would be to copy part of an E-mail message to a Word document. Cut/Copy and Paste techniques are just what you need.

Disable Windows Scripting

Recent virus attacks, such as the one delivered with the Anna Kournikova pictures, use a feature of Windows known as the "Windows Scripting Host" to do their damage. You may easily turn off this part of the operating system with little likelihood of negative consequences by following the Windows Scripting Host Removal instructions.

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