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Mesa Regal Computer Club
2015- 2016 SEASON


The Mesa Regal Computer Club (MRCC) exists to provide residents a forum to discuss computer issues, provide presentations in a variety of computer related subjects, and provide classes taught by fellow members covering various computer subjects and programs.


All residents are encouraged to join the Mesa Regal Computer Club and to attend meetings of the Club   (Thursdays, 10 AM, Royal Hall).


Any resident of Mesa Regal can join the Club. Seasonal membership is $10.00. Membership is required to take classes. The fee for classes is $2.00.  These fees pay for Club operating expenses, purchase programs and provide a Club Expo available to all residents. Instructors and monitors are volunteers who appreciate your respect and cooperation.

   * Remember – you do not have to be an “expert’ in a subject to be an instructor, or a Monitor. Teach what you know or are comfortable with to share with fellow members.


  • All users of this equipment must be wearing a current Mesa Regal resident or guest badge at all times.
  • The Lab is open each morning at 6 AM and will close in the evening at 10 PM.
  • During a scheduled class users are expected to yield all computers in the Teaching Area of the Lab.
  • If others are waiting please limit your time on any computer to 20 minutes. (games are not to be played during class time)
  • The computer designated “Instructor” is only to be used by Mesa Regal administration, Computer Club Board members and instructors as arranged by the Computer Club for class preparation and instruction.
  • Users must not add, edit or delete any of the programs on any machine. New programs cannot be loaded.
  • If you need to save any document you must provide your own medium – either burn it to a CD or save it to your own ‘thumb’ drive.  Monitors can help with this process. Data left on the computers is automatically erased overnight.
  • Mesa Regal computers may NOT be used to conduct business.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Lab.
  • Please observe computer etiquette and not disturb other users with loud audio from your computer or talking loudly.  Cell phones should be turned off or on vibrate and cell phone conversation in the lab is prohibited.
  • Please limit your printing to documents that are necessary. This is particularly important when using the color printer. Excessive printing may result in loss of the printer use.
  • Club volunteers  teach classes and monitor throughout the day to provide assistance and advice to Lab users.
  • Computer users are expected to complete all work no later than 10 minutes before closing time.
  • No video chatting  (i.e. Skype) or loud conversations in the lab as it disturbs others.
  • Report all computer problems to the office via the purple form located in the information rack.


As a final note, this is ‘YOUR CLUB' and it is up to you to take advantage of classes and participate by offering your assistance whenever possible.

MRCC Board of Directors


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