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Cut and Paste

All Copy/Paste operations rely on a special part of the system known as the "clipboard". When a "Cut" or "Copy" operation is undertaken, the selected material replaces the current contents of the clipboard. When a "Paste" operation is initiated, it is inserted at the position of the cursor.

The steps needed to Copy/Paste are as follows:

  • Highlight the portion of text you want to copy. You do this by pointing the cursor (the mouse pointer) to the BEGINNING of the text you want, then CLICK and HOLD that click while you slide the mouse down to the END of the text you want to work with.. Don't worry about "running off the page" - if you just hold that click, the mouse will force the page to move down and you'll get to the end. When you reach the end of your text, release the click. Now you've got what you want highlighted. (If you slide past the end, just maintain the click and slide the mouse up a little until you get back where you wanted to stop.) When you let go of the click, the entire selection will highlight and you'll see that it is now in black or blue or green - whatever colors your computer is set to use.
  • Click on Edit - then Click on Copy or Cut in the menu that drops down. The choice depends on whether you want the text to remain in the original location (Copy), or be removed from it (Cut).
  • Open the document where you want to place the material and position the cursor at the point where the saved material is to be placed. You should again Click on Edit - then Click on Paste. The material will be inserted at this point.

One of the benefits of the clipboard is that it can store more than text. For instance, one may copy or move graphical material in exactly the manner described above. The method used to select the graphical element will depend on the application. In addition, you can move or copy files using Windows Explorer. In this case, the file is selected by opening the folder in which it resides and Clicking with the left button. If additional files are to be copied or moved, move the cursor over the name, hold the CTRL key down, and left click. Repeat the process until all files are selected. Then Click on Edit - then Click on Copy or Cut in the drop-down menu. This action places the file names in the clipboard. You then open the folder where the files are to be placed, again Click on the Edit menu item, and Click Paste to Move/Copy the files into this folder.

Once you become familiar with the basic Copy/Paste operations, there are shortcuts that will minimize the amount of mouse operations needed. For most programs, CTRL/C (hold the CTRL key and press the C) will initiate the Copy operation, CTRL/X is the shortcut for Cut, and CTRL/V is the Paste shortcut.

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